About REGmon

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What is REGmon?

REGmon is a powerful web-based open source application designed to empower athletes, coaches and other staff to easily collect, analyze and visualize data. Individual athlete monitoring approaches covering the daily training process can be implemented by using customizable forms, dashboards, analysis templates and user-friendly graphical feedback. Furthermore, REGmon can also be used by researchers to enable efficient and GDPR compliant data management in various scenarios and projects. Since REGmon is an open source software, the usage is free of charge and once everything is set up using a docker image on a web server, the application can be accessed via any web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).


  • monitor and analyze training processes

  • collect data through fully customizable forms

  • create templates to easily analyze data and get individual insights

  • visualize data using dashboards

  • set specific permission settings between athletes, coaches and staff


REGmon is licensed under the MIT license.

Who needs REGmon?


  • athletes

  • coaches / trainers

  • other staff (e.g. physiotherapists, nutritionists, etc.)


  • research projects (data managers, researchers, etc.)

  • research software engineers

  • data scientists

History and Acknowledgements

REGmon has been developed in and for the multicenter research program “REGman – Optimization of Training and Competition: Management of Regeneration in Elite Sports” (OSF project page), which has been funded by the Federal Institute of Sport Science in Germany. Furthermore, we acknowledge the contribution from CEOS solution GmbH (Bochum, Germany) throughout the project.